Sick Crest Train Engineer Transmitter

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Skip Harper
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Sick Crest Train Engineer Transmitter

Post by Skip Harper » Sat Nov 14, 2015 2:26 am

I have another Crest Train Engineer Transmitter to stop working. It will not change channels or change directions, however it will control the speed on the one channel. Since they are old systems and no one repairs them anymore, I probably need to search for another used one that works. You guys helped me the last time this happened; so do any of you or your friends have one, CRS 5473 Transmitter, that you will be willing to part with??? Thanks, Skip "Red River Valley Ngineers" Shreveport, Louisiana

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Re: Sick Crest Train Engineer Transmitter

Post by smcgill » Mon Nov 16, 2015 11:59 am

Check with Navin : :D

Sorry I work with a Nevin...
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John Galt
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Re: Sick Crest Train Engineer Transmitter

Post by John Galt » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:12 am

His name is Navin

(I see you corrected your post... we DO NOT want to upset Navin, he's the last chance for parts)
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R.J DeBerg
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Re: Sick Crest Train Engineer Transmitter

Post by R.J DeBerg » Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:27 pm

Let me check may still have access to one. I just sold 2 transmitters and receivers. Later RJD
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Doug Cannon
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Re: Sick Crest Train Engineer Transmitter

Post by Doug Cannon » Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:06 pm


Just sent ya PM with link to a sample page of Aristo r/c parts that a vendor sent out in the last 24hrs (reminding) us they still have some things in THEIR warehouse.

Don't know if i could post it here (same rules may still apply regards vendor naming) so sent to you direct.

good luck,
doug c
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Bud Harriss
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Re: Sick Crest Train Engineer Transmitter

Post by Bud Harriss » Sat Dec 05, 2015 8:53 pm

Hello to all. It is always educational to logon and always learn something. But since the death of my longtime track expert, Bill Stokely, in 2011, it's been harder and harder to get required layout maintenance accomplished. At 87, my own health has begun to slide also, so I began to investigate and install the Revolution controls in my better engines; a PS-4 Pacific, an SD45 and a Mikado, all Aristocraft products. Tried to get a Revo installed in a XXX GP38, following several study sessions on a wonderfully complete conversion by Paul Norton, of the Ottawa Valley club . The reasoning was to avoid the strenuous activity required outdoors on my 1000' layout. Things went well but health-wise deterioration continued, and I have had to face the music. All of my rolling stock has begun to be sold off locally, and I have placed all of my brass track with a nearby live steam (7 1/2 ")club that also had an interest in starting G-scale. These folks have been very receptive and actually put me in charge of all G scale matters.
So far all I have accomplished is an extensive rebuild of what used to be a double track loop of about 300 ft built with strap iron rail. Replacement of that rail with the track from my old layout was the biggest accomplishment so far. It has been a wonderful success and the responses have boosted my ego considerably.
My current concern has been in the train control area< having sold all my Revo equipment to others. So what I still have is some well-used TE27 equipment . Three fan-cooled receivers remain, along with one ten-channel transmitter, and one more older and inoperative transmitter. There is also a set of the 72 mHz equipment which has never been put in working order. If I could get that 27 mHz transmitter working , or find a used or new ten channel xmtr it would simplify things at the layout, where everyone is always jockeying for track time.
Incidentally this large scale layout is the North Florida Live Steamers, at Bostwick, Florida. It meets nearly every Saturday and railfans are always welcome.

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