Read this review if your thinking about buying a Revolution

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Thanks Cal, for the link update !

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08-19-2009, 07:49 PM
LewisPolk wrote:Dear All,

John Sipple of Model Railroad News wrote this review on the Revolution this month and they made it the cover story. A great magazine that's getting substancial G Gauge advertising including Aristo-Craft.

It's worth reading by all. We have put the above link on our website under articles.

All the best,
Lewis Polk
This past week I have been running some trains getting them linked with some Revolutions that were recently upgraded by Aristo.

As I worked with the locos it struck me how simple running freight and passenger yards has become thanks to the simplicity and dependability of the Revolutions.

It really surprised me to see the date of Louis' post here. Only three years?

What made it so evident was when I took 5 "A" units and a "B" unit and in a matter of minutes I could select any of 4 "A" units or an "AB" unit or by pushing a few buttons I had an "A" unit, an "AA" unit and an "ABA" unit.

Throw in E8's, SD-45's, GP-40, FA/B-1 etc. and it was like running a railroad empire without needing an operator's manual every time I changed locos.

Thanks Lewis, Scott, Navin and everyone else at Aristo-Craft.

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Re: Read this review if your thinking about buying a Revolut

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