2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

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2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by KenBurkinshaw » Sun Mar 29, 2015 4:13 pm

As I scan the Large Scale forums (Sun at noon) for reports on the spring 2015 ECLSTS, I realize my decision to not attend this year was probably correct. According to one report Scott Polk didn't bother to attend to his table a large portion of the show. No one mentioned new product in the pipeline. In fact, no one has mentioned any conversation with any of the vendors at all.
I personally attend the show to talk to the other vendors and see what lies in the future. Apparently from the posted comments so far...the hobby has no future??
Is Crest ever going to release any new product?? Will USA trains recover from the debacle of an Auto carrier car that only about one percent of the hobbyists can actually run on their layouts? Is Accucraft really going to stick with a $3500.00 price point for the streamlined electric Hudson, when they were forced to discount a previous K4 at half the initial price, to clear their inventory? Did Heartland Hobby even bother to show up to announce they were a new distributor for LGB here in North America? I seriously feel this hobby, although suffering from a diminishing customer demographic, suffers more from :D discouraged boob vendors. :confused: :confused:
This hobby seems to be disappearing with barely a whimper. I missed talking with old friends, but realize we can talk with each other just as easily on-line with no expense.

Tom Parkins
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Re: 2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by Tom Parkins » Sun Mar 29, 2015 5:16 pm

My analysis is we are in a vicious cycle. Few enthusiastic modelers attend because of lack of excitement of new products. Manufacturers do not make new products because of fewer modelers. Could you say "If they build it, they will come. That's probably a huge over simplification. Will G gauge bounce back? Did G gauge reach it's climax in 2006 or 07? Is there anything we can do to rejuvenate the hobby? Did all of the moaning and groaning on the forums 10 years help kill off the hobby or was it the manufacturers not paying attention to what was being said?

Jim Donohue
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Re: 2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by Jim Donohue » Sun Mar 29, 2015 6:48 pm

Ken, your observation is correct. I was disappointed in this year's ECLS Train Show. Without Aristo / Polk/Generationext, a lot of air has gone out of the show. All of the dealers have less merchandise to sell, with fewer choices and very, very few new items. I spoke to Scott one-on-one about my disappointment in his not bringing back a lot after last year making it sound as though we would see much of the old Aristo products. To be fair, in 2014 he did not say when he would be able to do that, but he conveyed the impression that it would be within a reasonable time. He asked if I had $ 4 million to spare. (Unfortunately, I'd had left most of that money at home, so I could not invest on-the-spot). He did tell me that he would not be adding trucks and couplers as a separate item any time soon, so after that discouraging news, i spend the rest of my time there looking at my options (converting to Kadee or USA Trains). I left the show feeling kind of down.
The line to get in looked long, but only took 10 minutes on Friday. The crowd dissipated quickly and it wasn't hard to walk around. There just wasn't much new to see.
I did catch up with Stan Cedarleaf and his unindicted co-conspirator, George Councill, which is always enjoyable.
Bought my first AML boxcar: nice workmanship, but now I have another coupler dilemma. Theirs also do not mate well with Aristo. Retro-fitting my fleet will be expensive.
I agree with Tom's hypothesis as well. I would add that "its the economy" because that is what really is holding everyone back - buyers and sellers. Lets hope for better days ahead, because it is still a great hobby!

Alan Lott
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Re: 2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by Alan Lott » Sun Mar 29, 2015 7:48 pm

Well, you can see, quite plainly, why the Fall Show is all scales: there does not seem to be a great enthusiasm - manufacturer, dealer and customers alike at present.
I was surprised to see, on another web site, pics from the Show of old stock being offered. There were light blue and black Aristo boxes and as I am not acquainted with other manufacturers box colours over the years I guess there was old/new stock of theirs as well to be seen. Hopefully prices made it possible for folks to buy these older models. Had I been at the Show I am sure I would have been very tempted at some older production road names. ;)
From this side of the Atlantic mainly Euro style stock seems to be in evidence, but there is still some American sourced stock which sadly has a high price and so sits on shelves unsold.
I consider myself fortunate that I got into the hobby in the early part of this century when Aristo was freely available over here.

I have not seen any mention of the Show Cars. Did they sell out?
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Douglas Herrmann
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Re: 2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by Douglas Herrmann » Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:07 am

I on the other hand had a great time at the show and wish I could of gone for both days. (I know I should of bought more of those tankers!) Walked out with 7 new pieces of Aristo rolling stock along with 2 sets of the ART-29100 wheel sets and 2 boxes of the Bachmann wheels! There were definitely less dealers there and you could see by all the empty space and the layout set up behind the vendors. But all and all I had a great time Friday. Maybe next year I can go for both days so I don't regret not buying more. :)

R.J DeBerg
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Re: 2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by R.J DeBerg » Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:48 am

Possible that some venders held out due to going to Denver show. Later RJD
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Glenn Habrial
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Re: 2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by Glenn Habrial » Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:42 pm

there also was an all scale show in Edison NJ but I didn't go to that one because my friends were in York. for me the York show was about meeting friends that I met on line. the Drag and Brag at the hotel was great fun and some models there were amazing.

Peter Eaton
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Re: 2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by Peter Eaton » Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:49 pm

Had a great time at the ECLSTS, got everything on my list but some tunnel portals, missed the Thursday night Hoss's get together, went to the address listed but it was the wrong one. The Drag and Brag was fun, even got a blue ribbon, want to thank the people that put it on. Went back to the show Saturday for an hour to pick up some small items then started the 10 hour drive home. Peter

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Re: 2015 ECLSTS...same old same old???

Post by IVOR SNODDY » Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:13 am

Sorry Peter,
I think I stole your portals.

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