Aristo C-16 ART80102

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Aristo C-16 ART80102

Post by cckn » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:57 am

I was fortunate to acquire this loco just prior to Aristo's signing off as a viable corporation. Great little runner. I was also impressed with the QSI Solutions plug 'n play Titan PnP Sound/Power sound module that plugs into the Aristo board in the tender so I bought one at a TCA York meet dealer table a number of years ago through Tony's Trains in Essex Jct, Vt.

Bottom line. while my tender/QSI module worked with his loco, I could not get it to untimately work with my engine. The whistle and bell work after a fashion, but the chuff runs like a machine gun, is uncontrolable and there seems to be no way to set the chuff rate to 2-3 or 4 chuffs per revolution.

Tony had a computer program in 2013 by QSI solutions to accomplish this but someone erased the master and it dissapeared of the seen and it seems no-one can fix my problem save me doing a complete retro-fix to DCC like Digitraxx. That cost even more money. I want to fix what I have.

Someone suggested I get a Quantum Engineer, but none were on the market at the time and QSI was not re-manufacturing them. I understand they are now back on the market. Do I need one? I fine no button on the unit that pertains to setting chuff rates.

Do you or anyone have any suggestions??

P.S.- do you have any spare drive belts for the C16 just in case one breaks?? I "love" this little tea kettle. Sorry you are not with us anymore.

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